The Social Services Assistant at the Lions of Illinois Foundation helps Lions Clubs to provide access to needed services and equipment for people in Illlinois who have with vision and hearing needs.

LIF does not pay the bills for helping these individuals but assists by finding help for the person in need through other agencies or by helping local Lions Clubs locate the best care for each person requesting assistance at a reduced cost.

All requests handled must be under the approval and sponsorship of a local Lions Club. The Club(s) must follow-up on the needed request and notify LIF Social Services of the status of the request, mainly what assistance they can provide, within 60 days.

Applications for Social Services Requests

To fill out an application to request eyeglasses, click here.

To fill out an application to request a hearing aid, click here.

Lions of Illinois Funds for Emergency (L.I.F.E.)

This service is restricted to Lions Clubs only.

To apply, contact the office accountant at (815) 756-5633 x 351.