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Used Eyeglass Collections

Donation boxes for eyeglass recycling are available from the LIF to place in local stores or to use at a Club or community function. When the boxes are full, they are picked up by local Lions members and dropped off at collection depots. The public can also support this program by donating used eyeglasses to your local Lions Club.
These recycled eyeglasses are given to people in need, with the help of various medical missionaries, in Central and South America and around the world. When the eyeglasses arrive in these countries, doctors and technicians conduct eye exams and provide a free pair of prescription eyeglasses that are as close as possible to that person’s sight needs.

Additional Collections

Two sizes of containers for collecting recyclablesare are available upon request. Call the Lions of Illinois Foundation or send an email to Please be sure to add your club’s contact information to the recycling box so the club can be contacted when the box is full.

Suggested locations to place recycling containers include schools, business offices, vision clinics, audiology clinics, health clubs, local libraries, post offices, and any other high traffic areas.

A Lions member should check the container periodically so they can give the items to your district depots. Contact your district trustee if you need the location of your depot.

LIF Sneaker Recycling Campaign

The Lions of Illinois Foundation has teamed up with to collect used sneakers. Click Here to learn more.

The recycled items help fund programs and services to assist those with vision and hearing needs throughout the state of Illinois.

We are accepting Recycling Donations at the Foundation office in the back parking lot:

700 N Peace Road, Suite B
DeKalb, IL 60115

Please see the list of items that we will accept:

  • Keys
  • Key Fobs
  • Wire
  • Desk Top ink cartridges
  • Brass
  • Eyeglasses – No glass cases or contact lenses, please
  • Sunglasses
  • Pop Tabs
  • Cell Phones/Smart Phones/iPhones
  • Hearing Aids

**We no longer recycle Christmas Lights**

We are asking that HEARING AID BATTERIES be donated throughout your local communities as we are aware of the need there. Some places to donate are Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Food Pantries, and Shelters.

When donating HEARING AIDS, please be sure to place them in a small box or hard-covered case so they do not get crushed or damaged. You can then place that smaller box into a larger one with other recyclable items. Please protect any CELL PHONES also.

Don’t forget to drop off old KEY FOBS. Place them in a separate box from any large amounts of keys so they do not get crushed.

Please keep INK CARTRIDGES in a separate sealed plastic bag as they may ruin other recyclables.

Private Donation of Glasses/Hearing Aids/or Vision-Hearing Equipment

You can either drop off your donation at the Foundation office or mail it to the office.
700 N Peace Road, Suite B
DeKalb, IL 60115

If you need a “thank you letter” for tax purposes, please contact us at

Click here for the current donation form