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Lions of Illinois Building

LIF is reaching out through social media with new Lions of Illinois Foundation-LIF & Camp Lions of Illinois facebook pages. Visit us, then hit "like" & become a friend!


Welcome to the
Lions of Illinois Foundation,
We hope you enjoy your visit.





Camp Lions season is over. We thank all of our "Adoptive" Clubs & donors who made this summer even more special by giving a camper the chance to attend Camp Lions. A thank you card hand made by a camper is on your way!






a Collection





Contact Lion Rick Tonozzi by e-mail at: PDGRLTRecycle@LIFnd.org or phone him at

1-815-756-5633 ext. 239. He will ship them to you. Be sure to put a Club contact name, phone number/e-mail so when it is full you can get the donations. All items donated become the property of the Lions of Illinois Foundation.



Low Vision Programs

for Youth

The LIF works with Spectrios Eye Institute in Wheaton, Illinois College of Optometry, and Lighthouse for the Blind in Chicago to provide a Free visual evaluation for students in grades K-12.

A $290 donation could protect a child from blindness. Learn more click here...



School is starting soon.

Please keep your eyes open for the

students still learning the safety rules.






Addressing the Lions in 1925,
Helen Keller challenged them to become "Knights of the Blind in the Crusade against Blindness."
Today, with nearly 600 Clubs in Illinois, we continue to try to meet that challenge.



The Trees of Service

Thank you! We have reached our goal and now are preparing to expand into a forest. Soon three trees will grace our Community room. Your gifts have given new strength to the preservation of services to the sight and hearing impaired of Illinois. With the growth 300 new leaves have sprouted. In addition, new space has been opened for rocks of multiple size.
Read more on how you can secure a leaf or rock.




Candy Day is Approaching

October may seem far away but it takes time to plan a successful Candy Day. Get your Committee together. Discuss media releases. Plan where and when to be in the community. We have the links to forms for ordering candy & supplies such as certificates, aprons, collection canisters, labels, & posters. We even have sample media releases to download! Click to connect to Candy Day Forms & get started.



No easier way to earn free money!

It is as easy as:

1- Click the GoodSearch Logo above

2 - Select the LIF as your charity

3 - Start earning money!

GoodSearch donates to our LIF for every search you do. You can even earn money for the LIF by shopping, dining, and more. This is so easy!




is not only smart for the environment, it provides cash to support LIF programs.

We accept: Ink Jet cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Metal keys, Aluminum pull tabs, Cell phones, strings of lights & electrical cords.

Contact PDG Rick Tonozzi at PDGRLTRecycle@LIFnd.org


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