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Lions of Illinois Building

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Welcome to the
Lions of Illinois Foundation,
We hope you enjoy your visit.



Sign Up For The Best Week of Summer!

Camp Lions is ready to take your camp applications now!


Click here & print an application for the Youth Camp (age 7-17 yrs. old) or Click here to access the application to LIF's Helen Keller Camp for B/D Adults (18 yrs. and older). Deadline to submit an application is 6/1/16.





a Collection





Contact Lion Rick Tonozzi by e-mail at: PDGRLTRecycle@LIFnd.org or phone him at 1-815-756-5633 ext. 239. He will ship them to you. Be sure to put a Club contact name, phone number/e-mail so when it is full you can pick up the donations. All items donated become the property of the Lions of Illinois Foundation.


The LIEF is our Future LIF

The Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund offers a variety of ways to donate to the economic future of the services given by the LIF. Read how to create your legacy of caring by clicking the "Services" tab and then select "Endowment".



Lions of Illinois Foundation

Diabetes Awareness Days

March 1st - May 31st, 2016

Don't let your neighbors be blind-sided by Diabetes!

Lions, let's join together to inform our communities about this hidden risk to their eyesight. Contact Dianne Ortega at dortega@LIFnd.org for information & materials for a successful local Diabetes Awareness campaign. Click here to access supply order sheets, labels for collection containers, reporting forms, and more.



March LIF Low Vision Clinics for Youth

The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind hosted "Seeing is Believing", a Free visual evaluation for students in grades K-12 identified as having moderate to severe vision loss. The clinics were held March 7 and 11, 2016 in partnership with Spectrios Eye Reseach of Wheaton, Illinois.

We need, no actually the children who could go blind without your help, need you donations year-round. Please, sponsor a youth to help preserve their sight with a $290 donation. Click here for more information & a sponsor form. Your donation could protect a child from blindness.



LIF Mobile Vision and Hearing Units
To Be At Illinois State Fair

Our Mobile Units will in Springfield at the Illinois State Fair August 5th thru 8th, 2016 offering free Hearing and Diabetic Retinopathy Vision screenings.

This type of project does require lots of Lion power. If you can volunteer please contact Lion Jim Strange at 217-621-4971. He will be glad to give you all the info you on this important endeavor.



Come on in for a FREE Screening at the Illinois State Fair!



Addressing the Lions in 1925,
Helen Keller challenged them to become "Knights of the Blind in the Crusade against Blindness."
Today, with nearly 600 Clubs in Illinois, we continue to try to meet that challenge.


Four easy fundraisers you'll love..

These four money makers are sure to please everyone they are so easy!


1. Tried and True..

Sight & Sound Sweepstakes

These tickets are miraculous, but not if they stay in your pocket! If you show them you will sell them. Then watch the miracles happen.

Ask your SSS Chairman for tickets today!


2. Get cash to Surf..

It is as easy as:

ONE- Click the GoodSearch Logo above

TWO- Select the LIF as your charity

THREE- Start earning money!

GoodSearch donates to our LIF for every search you do. You can even earn money for the LIF by shopping, dining, and more. No easier way to earn free money!


3. Recycling = Treasure

This one is not only smart for the environment, it can generate cash to support LIF programs. Drop off these items anytime: Ink Jet cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Metal keys,

Aluminum pull tabs, Cell phones, strings of decorative/Christmas lights & electrical cords.
Questions? Contact PDG Rick Tonozzi at PDGRLTRecycle@LIFnd.org for information.


4. Shop with Scrip

Everyone has to shop. Weekly groceries, clothes, school supplies, perhaps a vacation. Now you can buy with Scrip gift cards to earn the LIF cash for your purchases. All with no additional cost to you. Click here then scroll to Shop With Scrip for order forms and info.


Tootsie Pop Day

May 6 & 7, 2016

Formerly known as Caramel Pop Day, this statewide fundraiser gives the Lions two treats, just like a Tootsie Pop does.

Fundraising with ease.

Modeled after Candy Day, Lions will be giving away Tootsie Pops and accepting monetary contributions to be used in helping the visually and hearing impaired in your community and across Illinois through your LIF. Clubs can seek underwriters, flat donations, and individual donations.

Positive public presence.

The Lions too often do the good deeds, but are seldom in the press, or on TV. This fundraiser could do all three with some active coordination. And, who doesn't need positive publicity? As an organization it is a perfect way to be seen in towns and villages in Illinois all at the same time. A group showing of that nature is hard to miss. Another plus - These activities often attract the curious who might become members.


Please, support your LIF and community by hosting a Tootsie Pop Day. For supplies, sample news release, and reporting form click here and scroll to Tootsie Pop Day.


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