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There are 2 sizes of containers that are available for collecting recycables upon request from the lions of illinois foundation by calling or sending an email to lifoffice@lifnd.org. please be sure to add your clubs contact information to the recycling box, so the club can be contacted when the box has been filled. 

Sugggested locations to place recycling containers are: Schools, business offices, vision clinics, audiology clinics, health clubs, local libraries, post offices, and any other high traffic areas. 

a lions member should check the container periodically so that they can give the items to your district depos. contact your district trustee if you need the location of your depo. 

the recycled items help fund programs and services through which assist with vision and hearing needs throughout the state of illinois. 

Private Donation of Glasses/Hearing Aids/or Vision-Hearing Equipment

You can either drop off your donation to the foundation office or mail it to the office. 

If you need a "Thank You Letter" for tax purposes please
click here. 

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