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Used Hearing Aid Bank

Used Hearing Aid BankA hearing aid is very expensive. Purchased new, the cost can be from $300 to $1500 (and sometimes more), depending on the brand of the hearing aid and the features of the particular unit.

The State of Illinois has programs which purchase new hearing aids for qualifying individuals; however, the Lions of Illinois Foundation has recognized that a gap exists between hearing impaired people who cannot qualify for assistance under current State of Illinois guidelines and the agencies which serve that population.

The Lions of Illinois Used Hearing Aid Bank (HAB) provides assistance to needy individuals who cannot afford to purchase a hearing aid or do not qualify to receive an aid from the State agencies. HAB does not duplicate services already available.

The hearing aids are collected and received in the same manner as the eyeglasses in the Used Eyeglass Program, through public drop boxes, & collections by Lion Lioness/Clubs in your community, or by public donation. Once received, the aids are sorted for usefulness, reconditioned and coded, then returned to the Hearing Aid Bank (HAB). At this point the hearing aid is ready for distribution by any Lions/Lioness/Leo Club that has requested one for a person they sponsor. The remainder of the unusable aids are sold for salvage to offset the costs of reconditioning.

Once an individual is approved for a hearing aid through his/her local Club, arrangements are made through the Lions of Illinois Foundation for the necessary information to be forwarded to a participating clinic located throughout Illinois. The Clinic's Audiologist will test the person and request an aid from the HAB that would be suitable for that person.

If an individual is recommended to receive a new hearing aid under another program, efforts will be made to see that the person receives an aid under that program.

Local Lions/Lioness Clubs determine whether or not they will financially support any client that was referred. The Lions of Illinois Foundation forwards all information to a participating clinic regarding the clients needs and orders the best suited hearing aid for that patient from the Hearing Aid Bank.

The sponsoring Club then is billed by the LIF for the services and equipment received by the applicant.

If you know of an individual in need of a hearing test or hearing aid, please forward them to the Lions of Illinois Foundation for an application.

For more information on used hearing aids please, contact us.